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Pozzocrete Fly Ash

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Pozzocrete Fly Ash

The Pozzocrete Fly Ash range is an artificial pozzolan, specially designed to achieve optimum performance on most cement and concrete applications. In the production of Pozzocrete 40™, 60™, 63™, and 83™ high quality PFA were selected and industrially processed in order to obtain maximum performance as a cement replacement product.

The POZZOCRETE brand is reserved only for those grades which meet the Indian Standard 3812 , the European Standard EN450 Category S and the American Standard ASTM 618. Other by-products are called P… (with the related Grade number).

The process used to produce Pozzocrete Fly Ash significantly reduces the amount of unburned particles leading to a virtually carbon free material. Optimum reactivity is obtained by rejecting the less reactive crystalline Fly Ash particles and by increasing the specific surface of the final product.

POZZOCRETE products are available, depending on the product grade, in 30 kg paper bags, 50 kg HDP bags, Jumbo (big) bags carrying 1 – 1.3 ts , loose supply in 15 – 25 ts road tankers (bulkers) and on customer request in break bulk shipments.

The P-grades (with the exception of the P10 grade) are only available in big-bags or in bulker.

The design of all Pozzocrete grades has taken into account the severe weather conditions in the areas where it may be supplied, in order to allow high cement replacement volumes insuring adequate strength development and good durability whilst avoiding short-term damage such as bleeding and thermo-hygrometric plastic shrinkage.

The use of this advanced pozzolanic Fly Ash material provides an effective reduction of the mixing water required and superior strength development, allowing high replacement rates that are not possible with normal cement additions. Compared to other Supplementary Cement Products Fly Ash in general and processed fly ash specifically provides  changes to concrete in its fresh and hardened state. Click on the following link to see this in detail. (see  document opposite)

The cement replacement rate depends on cement and admixture type and on type of use. For normal concrete production using OPC, replacement rates in the range of 35% are recommended. For each single application the proper mix design shall be determined by appropriate testing.

The proper use of Pozzocrete results in long term technical improvements of the final product and at the same time ensures major cost savings to the user.